About Us
PathCorp has been serving its valued clients to satisfaction since 2004. PathCorp has a national 'Go to Market' module through its own regional labs, an extensive franchise network and tactically located collection centres. Our state of the art 'Central Clinical Reference Laboratory', @ Naraina boasts of advanced tech equipment and is strategically located in the nerve centre of Delhi.

We want you - the Doctors - to trust us. That‘s why we based our ideology on Professionalism. Our qualified and experienced panel of Doctors are entrusted to win your Trust. The pillars for professionalism are imbibed in all spheres of our activities.

Advanced Technology

The PathCorp central facility has Advance tech equipment sourced from leading equipment providers. We benchmark our Technology and Processes with the finest peer group.

Expert Resources

We drive our strength from our employees who come with enviable qualification and expertise. Trained extensively to derive the best from the equipment we offer you nothing but the Best.

Assured Quality

We know of your high Quality expectations. Stringent quality control at multiple levels is religion for PathCorp. Our processes are based on pre-requisites laid down by worthy governing bodies.

Sound Infrastructure

The layout of the central lab has been advised and approved by leading consultants for error free processing. Samples traverse with assembly line precision. Biometrics establishes foolproof processing.

Integrated Logistics

Your need for Turn Around Time is well recognised. We set ourselves up in the heart of city of Delhi, ensuring speed by all modes of transport. Comprehensive automation supports speedy processing and the integrated IT platform despatches the reports to clinicians' at lightning speed.

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